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Commercial Axial Flow Fans

Commercial Axial Flow Fans Commercial Axial Flow Fans (*Customisation Available*)

Commercial Axial Flow Fan – Fan Speed:750-2800rpm helps circulate air for industrial and commercial use. It generates a high volume of air movement, which can be used for ventilation, cooling, and drying.
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Tube Axial Fans

Tube Axial Fans -Voltage:415, Power:0.5hp to 25hp (*Customisation Available*)

Tube axial fans with a propeller-like blade within are often used in high-airflow applications such as industrial ventilation, cooling systems, and HVAC systems for electrical equipment.
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	Axial Flow Fans

Axial Flow Fans - Capacity:25,500 (*Customisation Available*)

Axial flow fans are intended to move a large volume of air at a low pressure while directing air or other gases in a specific direction.
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Heavy Duty Axial Flow Fans

Heavy Duty Axial Flow Fans (*Customisation Available*)

Heavy duty axial flow fans are often utilized in applications that demand high airflow rates and low static pressures, such as ventilation systems, HVAC systems, cooling towers, and industrial operations.
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Industrial Axial Flow Fans

Industrial Axial Flow Fans (*Customisation Available*)

Industrial axial flow fans are devices whose main purpose is to accommodate and supply a substantial flow of air or gas to various areas of a building or other structures.
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Picture of Storm Commercial Air Curtain ( 2 Feet to 7 Feet )_Model :GH Storm A205

Storm Commercial Air Curtain ( 2 Feet to 7 Feet )_Model :GH Storm A205

A device that creates a wind barrier over an open entryway or entrance is an air curtain, often referred to as an air gate. An invisible wall that divides two locations, such as an indoor space and an outside environment, is created by blowing a laminar stream of air over a door or entrance. The air curtain reduces energy use and maintains indoor air quality by blocking the passage of outdoor air and preventing conditioned air from escaping from the enclosed space. In commercial and industrial settings like shops, eateries, hospitals, and factories, air curtains are frequently employed.
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