Storm Commercial Air Curtain ( 2 Feet to 7 Feet )_Model :GH Storm A205

Short Description:
A device that creates a wind barrier over an open entryway or entrance is an air curtain, often referred to as an air gate. An invisible wall that divides two locations, such as an indoor space and an outside environment, is created by blowing a laminar stream of air over a door or entrance. The air curtain reduces energy use and maintains indoor air quality by blocking the passage of outdoor air and preventing conditioned air from escaping from the enclosed space. In commercial and industrial settings like shops, eateries, hospitals, and factories, air curtains are frequently employed.
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Product Specification

* Model : GH-060A(2FT),  GH-090A(3FT), GH-100A(3.5FT), GH-120A(4FT), GH-150A(5FT), GH-180A(6FT) And GH-210A(7FT)

* Dimension    :  L600MM         L900MM          L1000MM           L1200MM         L1500MM       L1800MM              L2100MM
                         W230MM        W230MM        W230MM            W230MM         W230MM       W230MM               W230MM 
                         H225MM         H225MM         H225MM             H225MM         H225MM         H225MM               H225MM

* Noise Level   : 50 DB               53 DB              53 DB                    55DB                57DB              57DB                      58DB

* No. of Blower :   2                      3                    3                            4                         5                  6                              7

* Blower            :   ABS ALL THE SAME 

* Weight(in Kg)  :      10             15                    16                           18                      23                    26                          28

* RPM                 :        28000RPM ALL THE SAME 

* Model : GH Storm A205

* Phase               : Single Phase ALL THE SAME 


 * Energy Efficiency: Air curtains can reduce energy consumption by up to 80% by preventing the influx of external air, which in turn reduces the need for heating and cooling systems to work harder to maintain the desired indoor temperature.
* Interior Air Quality: Air curtains can improve interior air quality by forming an air barrier that stops the entry of dust, pollen, and other outdoor contaminants.
* Comfort: Air curtains can assist keep temperatures steady and stop draughts, enhancing the general comfort of building occupants.
* Pest control: Air curtains can aid in avoiding the introduction of pests and insects into a structure by limiting the flow of outdoor air.
* Savings: Using air curtains can result in significant financial savings by lowering energy usage, enhancing indoor air quality, and lowering HVAC system maintenance costs.