Eastman Oil Filter Wrench, Alloy Steel, Adjustable, High Quality Belt, Size:- 225mm, E-3022

Short Description:
These filters come in knurled, smooth, cylindrical canisters that are challenging to hold onto, especially when they're oily. On the right, a typical type of wrench is displayed. After securing the chain loop around the filter, turn the bar anticlockwise by hand until the chain is completely encircling the filter.
Manufacturer EASTMAN
Place Of Origin India
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Product Specification 

* brand - Eastman 

* Type -  Alloy Steel

* Adjustable - High Quality Belt

* Size - 225 mm

* Model no - E-3022


To grip or spin pipes or circular bars, use the adjustable pipe, or Stillson, wrench. This wrench has jaws with serrations, one of which pivots on the handle to provide a firm grasp on the job.