Eastman Machinist Hammer With Wooden Handle, Full Polished Head, Drop Forge Steel, Size- 800gms, E-3023

Short Description:
A particular kind of peening hammer used in metalworking is called a machinist hammer. It has two heads: one is flat, and the other is rounded and is termed a peen. It is frequently employed in metalworking. ...... an an a..
Manufacturer EASTMAN
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Product Specification 

* Brand - Eastman 

* Material  - Drop Forge Steel

* Size -  800 gms

* Model no - E- 3023


Among them are a Brick Hammer for striking a bolster or dividing bricks, a Woodcarving Mallet with a rounded body, a Veneer Hammer for pressing and tapping veneers into position, an Upholsterer's Hammer for driving tacks and nails in tight spots, and a Sprig Hammer used by picture frame manufacturers.