Eastman Induction Washer With Detergent Bottle, Working Pressure - 90 Bar, 1600W, EPW-1690

Short Description:
It's enjoyable to use a pressure washer with an induction motor. This gadget gives you the ideal wash and gets rid of all the filth and grime in one sitting, as you have seen in countless movies. You don't need to spend money on cleansers and sprayers because it is the answer to all of your prayers.
Manufacturer EASTMAN
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Product Specification 

* Brand - Eastman

* Model No - EPW -1690

* Packaging -1 pcs 

* Working Pressure - 90 Bar

* Watt -  1600W

* Water floe rate - 6.5 L /min

* Net Weight - 11.000 Kg 


Vantro High-Pressure washers, which include an induction motor that produces up to 135 bar of pressure, are perfect for swiftly and easily eliminating dirt from a variety of surfaces, including decks, terraces, driveways, siding, sheds, automobiles, trucks, boats, outdoor power equipment, solar panels, and more.