Eastman Claw Hammer Drop Forged steel , Induction Hardened, Seasoned Wood Handle, Size:- 500, E-2061

Short Description:
A claw hammer is a type of hammer principally utilised in carpentry to drive or remove nails from wood. A claw hammer has traditionally been employed in woodworking, although it can also be utilised in other situations.
Manufacturer EASTMAN
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Product Specification 

* Brand - Eastman 

* Material - Induction Hardened

* Size -  500

* Model no - E-2061


The claw end of these hammers is just as handy for prying, splitting wood, breaking drywall, and other small demolition chores even though they all have a round head for driving nails. With a claw hammer, the claw is curved; on framing hammers, it is straight. The best use for these hammers is in woodworking.