Eastman Adjustable Wrench Fully Polished Effortless Screw Adjustable, Size :- 6/150mm, E-2051P

Short Description:
A wrench or spanner is a tool that provides grip and mechanical advantage when applying torque to turn or prevent the rotation of objects, typically rotational fasteners like nuts and bolts.
Manufacturer EASTMAN
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Product Specification 

* brand - Eastman 

* Material  - Chrome Plated

* Selected Alloy Steel

* Size - 6/150 mm

* Model no - E-2051P


This prevents you from barking angrily every time the wrench comes off the fastener. If you must push a wrench, push with the heel of your hand so that you won't injure yourself if the wrench slips. Avoid use a "cheater bar" to increase your leverage. You run the danger of hurting yourself or breaking the tool.