Wire stripping machine B10

Short Description:
The Wire stripping machine B10 is an industrial-grade machine designed for stripping and cutting various types of wires. This machine is capable of stripping wires with a diameter range of 1mm to 40mm and can cut wires with a length of up to 9999mm.
Manufacturer R.S Trading
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Manufacturer part number B-10
Place Of Origin india
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Product Specification 

  • Wire Diameter Range: 1mm - 40mm
  • Cutting Length: up to 9999mm
  • Stripping Length: 1mm - 40mm
  • Blade Material: Tungsten Steel
  • Stripping Speed: up to 100m/min
  • Power Supply: 220V/50Hz
  • Motor Power: 120W
  • Dimensions: 370mm x 270mm x 240mm
  • Weight: 21kg

The Wire stripping machine B10 is designed and manufactured with high-quality materials and advanced technology to ensure durability and reliability. Its adjustable blade and stripping length settings make it a versatile machine that can be used for various wire stripping and cutting applications.


The Wire stripping machine B10 is commonly used in industrial settings, such as factories, workshops, and production lines, where large volumes of wires need to be stripped and cut to precise lengths. It is ideal for stripping and cutting wires used in the automotive, electrical, and construction industries. The machine's high efficiency and accuracy make it a valuable tool for increasing productivity and reducing labor costs.