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The Radiant Electric Coil Hot Plate, also known as Theeta Coil, is a compact and portable heating device designed to cook food. It features a heating coil made of high-quality materials that provide even heating and a durable surface that can withstand high temperatures. The hot plate is designed with temperature control settings to allow users to cook food at their desired temperature.
Manufacturer VOLTCARE
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Product Specification 

  • Heating coil made of high-quality materials for even heating
  • Temperature control settings
  • Compact and portable design
  • Suitable for cooking a variety of foods
  • Voltage: 220-240V/50Hz
  • Power consumption: 1000-2000W
  • Plate diameter: 18cm-22cm
  • Weight: 1-2kg


The Radiant Electric Coil Hot Plate is ideal for use in homes, apartments, and other small spaces where a stove is not available. It is suitable for cooking a variety of foods such as eggs, vegetables, and meats. The hot plate's compact and portable design makes it easy to move and store, making it a practical choice for small kitchens or for use in travel and outdoor cooking.