Single core Flexible wires_ Sizes : 0.5 sq.mm to 400 sq.mm.

Short Description:
Flexible single core cables are used for panel boards, electric motors, D. C. power transformers, battery cables and low voltage signal transmission, among other things. To assure the greatest efficiency and performance, these are made using premium raw materials.
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Product Specification

Conductor               Bare/annealed tinned copper
*  Insulation                FRLS grade PVC
Standard                 IS :  694
*  Sizes                       0.5 sq.mm to 400 sq.mm.


Single core cables are frequently used in homes for things like electrical appliances. They are utilised for the wiring in devices, computers, and control panels that transmits electricity. They can also be used to facilitate communication or transfer electricity between equipment.

POLYCORE” FRLS wires are ideal for use in densely populated areas such as : – Houses Flats/Apartments Theaters Educational Institutions Buildings Factories Hospitals


  • Excellent fire retardant properties.
  • Less toxic fumes emitted.
  • Less amount of non-corrosive smoke emitted