Sanitixia Wall Mounted Automatic Sanitizer Dispenser_Capacity : 10 litre, Model No: SANITIXIA10 ltr

Short Description:
A wall-mounted automatic hand sanitizer dispenser's mechanism is built in such a way that it can automatically distribute the antiseptic. The device's built-in infrared sensor detects the user's presence and releases the appropriate amount of sanitizer when it detects an object underneath.
Manufacturer Sanitixia
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Product Specification 

*  Available : Gel/Spray Type

* Material :  Polycarbonate ABS

* Size : 29.5 X 12.4 X 34.2 cm

* Product Weight : 2.512 kg Spray Type Mist

* Installation : Wall Mounted

* Sensor Type : Ultrasonic

* Model No: SANITIXIA10 ltr

* Capacity : 10 litre

* Power Supply : Dispenser is battery operated and take (4) C batteries

* Dispense Volume : 1 – 2ML


A device that dispenses a predetermined quantity of hand sanitizer (or a comparable liquid, such as soap solution) is known as an automatic hand sanitizer dispenser. In public restrooms, they are frequently utilised in conjunction with automatic faucets.