Short Description:
MS Beam Joist is a structural steel product that is used in construction and engineering projects. It is a type of I-shaped steel beam with a cross-section resembling the letter "I". The beam is made from mild steel and is used to support heavy loads or span long distances. The size and dimensions of the beam depend on the specific requirements of the project.
Manufacturers SDE , Jindal , SAIL , Tata
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Specifications :

Specification Value
Material Mild Steel
Length Varies (as per requirement)
Size Varies (as per requirement)
Weight Varies (as per requirement)
Surface Finish Black, Galvanized, or Painted

Applications :

  • Used in construction for building frames, bridges, and structures.
  • Used in the automotive and manufacturing industries for heavy machinery support.
  • Used in the mining and oil and gas industries for structural support in large-scale projects.
  • Used in the transportation industry for the construction of railway bridges and other large-scale infrastructure projects.
  • Used in the power generation industry for supporting heavy equipment and machinery.