Moto supreme Hydraulic oil , Grade - 68 , Size - 20 L

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The medium via which power is conveyed in hydraulic machinery is known as a hydraulic fluid or hydraulic liquid. Mineral oil or water are the main ingredients in most hydraulic fluids.
Manufacturer moto supreme
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Product Specification 

* Brand - Moto Superme

* Model Name/Number - AW 68

* Usage - Automobile

* Oil Type - Semi Synthetic

* Packaging Size - 210 L 


In terms of equilibrium boiling point, brake fluid is a kind of hydraulic fluid that has a high boiling point both when it is new and after absorbing water vapour (specified by wet boiling point). Free water and water vapour in a braking system can both boil into compressible vapour when heated by braking, which can cause brake failure.