Mosquito Killer Machine Or Fly Catcher_Terminator Zink Coated Insect Killer_Model : GH-IK-02-MS1 _ GH-IK-02-MS2

Short Description:
Dual Action Surface Spray leaves an insecticidal film that reduces insect pest as they crawl across surfaces, killing crawling insects when sprayed either directly in their direction OR directly onto the insect. It also provides protection for longer periods of time.
Manufacturer Green Hygiene
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Product Specification

Model                   :          GH-IK-02-MS1                 GH-IK-02-MS2
* Size                       :               1 Feet                               2 Feet
* Body Material       :         MS Powder Coated               MS Powder Coated
* Voltage                 :               220 V                                220 V          
* Frequency             :               50 Hz                               50 Hz
* No. of Tube           :         02 Nos. (8 x 2)                   02 Nos. (1.8 x 2) 


  • Highly effective insect killer as it largest flying insect to the lamp and kill them with high voltage grid.
  • Insect killer machine or light assist attract mosquitoes and flies towards system which works on decoy principal.
  • Its widely used in restaurants, home, hotel, hospital, garden, kitchen, shop etc.
  • It can be used both indoor and outdoor.
  • It saves energy.