Mobile Platform Ladder-4Ft.

Short Description:
A Mobile Ladder Stand is a movable, fixed height, self-supporting ladder consisting of wide flat treads in the form of steps which give access to a Top Step.
Manufacturer LIBERTI
Place Of Origin India
Return Returnable Product
₹ 2,02,400.00
Old price: ₹ 2,22,640.00

GST @18% Inclusive Price: 238832

Product Specification 

  • Material:Aluminium
  • Fiberglass Reinforced Plastic
  • Height:4 Ft., Size:800 X 600 MM
  • Handrail Height:2 Ft
  • Wheel:Spring Loaded 4 Wheel for Locking


Mobile ladder stand platforms provide larger elevated work surfaces that allow multiple workers to use the ladder at the same time and space to stage materials and tools. These ladders are generally used for manufacturing, assembly, and maintenance activities.

Mobile ladder stands are at a fixed height, self-supporting, and have stairs accessing a top step. They are typically designed for a single standing worker to use while performing tasks like accessing a small item on a shelf or changing a light bulb.

Used in warehouse ,merchandise , distribution centre , material storage facilities, and home improvement stores, mobile ladder stands provide safe, elevated work surfaces that can move horizontally across floors on casters or wheels. Manual or automatic position locking mechanisms keep the stands from moving when workers are standing on the surface.