LT XLPE / PVC CONTROL CABLES_1.5/2.5 Sq. mm 2-61 cores  

Short Description:
For control devices, such as those on machine tools, conveyor or assembly lines, transportation equipment, production lines, and the building of industrial plants, PVC control and connection cables are particularly well suited.
Manufacturer POLYCORE
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Product Specification

Conductor               Solid/Stranded Bare Copper or Tinned copper
*  Insulation                PVC/FR PVC/HR PVC/FRLS PVC
Inner Sheath            PVC
*  Armouring              G.S. Wire/ Flat strip/Aluminum wire
* Outer Sheath            PVC/ FR PVC/ HR PVC/FRLS PVC
*  Sizes                        1.5/2.5 Sq. mm 2-61 cores  


We manufacture Copper Control Cables for a wider range of applications in various industries. They are used to carry control signal, but can be subjected to severe working temperature conditions like heaters, boilers and can be exposed to oil, chemical and other solvents. Its specially formulated outer sheathed (Jacket) is designed to withstand rough environmental conditions. Available in Tinned and bare copper conductors, the cables can be customized as per requirement.