LED Wall Light Bulb_ 15W_WA06

Short Description:
Light-emitting diode is what it stands for. Up to 90% more light is produced by LED lighting devices than by incandescent bulbs. How do they function? Visible light is produced when an electrical current flows through a microchip and ignites the tiny light sources known as LEDs.
Manufacturer WELLMOUNT
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Product Specification

Power Factor                        >0.9
* Input Voltage                        AC220 - 240V
* Driver  Efficiency                   >85%
* Lumen Efficiency                   105lm/W
* CRI                                         >80%
* THD                                       <20%
* Surge Protection                    4KV
* Ingress  Protection                 IP20
* Cap Size                                 B22/E27
* Housing Type                        Aluminum Insert with PC Housing
* Watt                                       15
* Model Number                      WA06


Extreme temperature resistance makes LED wall lights a great option for both indoor and outdoor wall illumination. They are often enclosed in protective plastic, don't have a filament or bulb, and have a sturdy construction.