Led Tube Light T5-T8_ 20Watt_WA15

Short Description:
Long, linear LED tube lights are made to fit into conventional fluorescent fixtures. The T8 4-ft LED tube light, which was created to replace 4-ft fluorescent bulbs, is the most popular variety of LED tube light. T8 LED tubes (1 inch in diameter) are among the most popular styles of LED tube lighting.
Manufacturer WELLMOUNT
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Product Specification

* Power Factor                   >0.9
* Input Voltage                  AC220-240V
* Driver Efficiency              >85%
* THD                                <20%
* Lumen Efficiency             100Lm /W
* CRI                                   >80%
* Surge Protection               4KV
* Ingress Protection             IP20
* Watt                                  20
* Model Number                 WA15


With the exception of sites that require both upward and downward lighting, LED tubes can be used for general lighting at all locations. Examples of this would be ceiling-mounted office luminaires that emit light both up and down.