Led Down Light_Concealed 7W Cool White_WA17

Short Description:
The lighting fixtures are hidden, and concealed lights are essentially indirect lights that face the ceiling. Consequently, because the lights are spread, it increases the ambiance of the space.
Manufacturer WELLMOUNT
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Product Specification

Power Factor                        >0.9
* Input Voltage                        AC220 - 240V
* Driver  Efficiency                   >85%  
* Lumen Efficiency                   80lm/W
* CRI                                         >80%
* THD                                       <20%
* Surge Protection                    4KV
* Ingress  Protection                 P20
* Cut-Out Size                          3.5 Inch
* Housing Type                        Aluminum Housing
* Watt                                       7
* Model Number                      WA17


Extreme temperature resistance makes LED wall lights a great option for both indoor and outdoor wall illumination. They are often enclosed in protective plastic, don't have a filament or bulb, and have a sturdy construction.