Kitchen Chimney_Conical 103(60) Eco Push Button_WKC01

Short Description:
The purpose of a kitchen chimney is to keep your kitchen clean and ungreasy by sucking out smoke, odour, and oil.
Manufacturer WELLMOUNT
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Place Of Origin India
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Product Specification

* Mounting Type            - Wall Mount 
* Material                       -   Glass
* Brand                           -  Wellmount 
* Special Feature            - Light, Digital Display, Baffle Filter
* Noise Level                  -  50DB
* Voltage                         -  220 Volts 
* Number of Speeds        - 3
* Model No                      - WKC01


The tiles and walls in your kitchen won't become dirty as a result of the smoke and gases produced during cooking if you have a chimney. When food is prepared, oil particles are released, making the area around the kitchen sticky. If you have a chimney, this will not happen.