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Instrumentation cables can be single, multiple-pair, or triple elements with a signal carrying purpose. In particular, they are utilised in facilities where process control is necessary and transducer-generated signals must be sent to panels, controllers, and other devices. They are used to connect instruments and electrical equipment.
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We manufacture a wide variety of cables suitable for process instrumentation. In the projects related to power generation & distribution, chemical and fertilizer industries and various other types of engineering industries, the process control  instrumentation plays a vital role in measurement, supervision and control of process parameters. Introduction of microprocessor based computerized instrumentation requires stringent quality control along with special electrical parameters for instrumentation cables. Very low level electrical signals are prone to external noise pickups and heavy attenuation during transmission.

All this means that the cables to be used for instrumentation should be designed and manufactured very carefully.  Polycore with its meticulous efforts in maintaining quality, stringent in-process control during manufacturing and knowledge of cables designing, is proud to say that it is capable of supplying high quality instrumentation cables as per BS 5308 standard or for any specific requirements as desired by project authority.

We manufacture high quality Instrumentation Cables which can be used for various instruments for power supply. We offer individual cores, pairs, triads, quad with aluminum tape shielding with individual and/or overall shielding up to 50 pairs.

We manufacture shielded, screened, Braided armoured / unarmoured /flexible Pair/Triad/Quad instrumentation & compensating cable. 


Up to and Including 24 Triad/Pair plane/tinned (Solid/stranded /Flexible ) copper conductor PVC/XLPE insulated, screen individual &  Overall (Screen with aluminum Back Mylar tape /Steel Braiding/Copper Braiding),  Armoured cables or Flexible PVC sheathed instrumentation cables.


Up to and Including 24Pair as per ANSI MC96.1 T,J,K,R/S,B,E Thermocouple, screen individual & Overall (Screen with aluminum Back Mylar tape /Steel Braiding/Copper Braiding ), Armoured or Flexible PVC Sheathed compensating Cable.



Conductor          :            0.4mm dia (0.126 Sq.mm) to 2.5 sq.mm. or higher sizes of electrolytic copper wire, Tinned/untinned, solid/stranded copper conductors.

Insulation           :             PVC, HR PVC, FR PVC, FRLS PVC
Elements             :            Pairs/Triad/Quad, colour coded/number printed
Shields                :            Aluminium Polyester tape screen with copper drain wire or alternately with Copper wire braiding.
Element Laying   :            Concentric formation or unit & group formation as per applicable specification.
Amounting         :            Galvanised steel wire/strip armouring
Sheathing           :            PVC, HR PVC, FR PVC, FRLS PVC
Specification       :           BS:5308 and IEC Standard or as per customer specifications