Hydraulic Hacksaw Machine-Capacity:600MM (Round), Blade Length:900MM

Short Description:
Hydraulic hacksaw is a hand-powered, fine-toothed saw that is used to cut metal rods, pipes, brackets, and other items. Plastic can be cut with hacksaws as well. The hacksaw features a handle at one end and a U-shaped frame. At each end of the frame of a hacksaw are tiny pins that hold the blade.
Manufacturer part number Apex-36FH
Place Of Origin India
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Product Specification 

* Model:APEX-36 Fh

* Cutting Capacity:600MM(Round)

* 525MM(Square)

* 600MM x 150MM(Flat) Blade Length:900MM/800MM

* Motor H.P.(1440 RPM):5.0HpV Belt:B 75 x A 48

* Floor Space:925MM x 1800MM

* Height:1300MM


Hydraulic hacksaws are common metal cutting tools that may be used to machine a variety of other materials, such as wood and plastic. It removes substantial portions of materials like steel. High-quality blades with a variety of tooth counts per inch are used for metal cutting operations. The blade will often cut the material smoothly if it has a higher TPI. It has even become the most popular equipment for cutting operations in many workshops due to its ability to cut precisely and in great detail.