Horizontal Directional Drilling Machine-45Ton

Short Description:
Horizontal directional drilling (HDD) machines are steerable, trenchless drilling rigs for the installation of pipes, conduits, and cables underground in a shallow arc. They are commonly used for installations below waterways and roadways to avoid disturbing the ground above.
Manufacturer ZLCONN
Manufacturer part number ZL 430A
Place Of Origin India
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₹ 1,04,36,250.00
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GST @18% Inclusive Price: 12314775

Product Specification 

  • 45 Ton ZLCONN Make Horizontal Directional Drilling Machine Model ZL 430A


The applications of Horidirectional drilling can be grouped into the following categories:
  • sidetracking;
  • drilling to avoid geological problems;
  • controlling vertical holes;
  • drilling beneath inaccessible locations;
  • offshore development drilling;
  • horizontal drilling;
  • non-petroleum uses.