Head Light (Doom Tata 1516) - Part No.1046A

Short Description:
The Head Light (Doom Tata 1516) is a part of a headlight assembly that covers the back of the headlight lens. This component is typically made from a plastic or metal material and is used to protect the inner workings of the headlight, including the bulb, wiring, and reflector, from damage. The Head Light (Doom Tata 1516) is typically mounted directly to the back of the headlight lens and is attached to the vehicle body or frame. This component helps to provide a secure and stable mounting for the headlight assembly and helps to prevent damage from impacts and vibrations. In some cases, the Head Light (Doom Tata 1516) may also play a role in the cooling of the headlight assembly, helping to dissipate heat generated by the headlight bulb.
Manufacturer MOTOLAMP
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Manufacturer part number 1046A
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Product Specification

  • Part No. : 1046A
  • Brand : Tata
  • Model : Doom
  • Product Type : Head Light
  • Used For : Vehicles
  • Color : Black
  • Shape : Round
  • Coating Type : Powder Coating


The primary application of a Head Light (Doom Tata 1516) round cover is to protect the headlight assembly of a vehicle from damage due to impacts, dust, dirt, and other environmental factors. This helps to maintain the functionality and longevity of the headlight, ensuring that it continues to provide adequate illumination for the driver.

In addition to its protective function, the Head Light (Doom Tata 1516) also plays a role in the aesthetic design of a vehicle, enhancing its appearance and contributing to the overall style and look of the car. Some covers may feature a clear or tinted design to enhance the appearance of the vehicle, while others are designed to be more utilitarian and provide maximum protection.