GH U 212 L S Urinal Sensor Flusher Economical Replacement Model DC

Short Description:
A urinal sensor flusher economical replacement model refers to a cost-effective and environmentally friendly device that replaces traditional manual flushers in public restrooms. This type of device is designed to detect when a user has finished using the urinal and automatically flushes the toilet to save water and reduce the spread of germs and bacteria.
Manufacturer Green Hygiene
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Place Of Origin India
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Product Specification

Brand Green Hygiene
Color Silver
Size/Dimension 128 x 128mm
Flush Valve Type Dual Flush
Material Stainless Steel
Usage/Application Bathroom
Water Pressure 0.02 MPa
Model Name/Number GH-U-212 L/S
Sensing Range 500mm Adjustable


The application of a urinal sensor flusher economical replacement model is mainly in public restrooms, such as in office buildings, airports, shopping malls, and other high-traffic areas. They are an excellent alternative to traditional manual flushers, which can be inefficient and unsanitary. These devices are easy to install and operate, reducing maintenance costs and improving overall hygiene.