Fog Lamp (110mm)-Part No.5506

Short Description:
The Fog Lamp (110mm) is a vehicle lighting accessory created to enhance visibility in dimly lit and inclement weather. In order to help drivers navigate safely and avoid risks, it is used to brighten the road ahead and provide a clear picture of the surroundings.
Manufacturer MOTOLAMP
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Manufacturer part number 5506
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Product Specification

The Fog Lamp (110mm) has a premium, impact-resistant polycarbonate casing made to survive inclement weather and hard road use. It has a strong halogen bulb inside that emits a brilliant, white light that pierces snow, rain, and fog. The wire cable and mounting bracket for the fog lamp are included for simple installation and compatibility with a range of cars.


The main purpose of the Fog Lamp (110mm) is to increase visibility in low-light and unfavourable weather situations like fog, rain, and snow. Drivers who frequently travel in inclement weather or in places with poor visibility, such as rural roads or mountainous terrain, will find it to be of particular benefit. The fog lamp can be installed as an OEM or aftermarket part and is appropriate for a variety of vehicles, including automobiles, trucks, SUVs, and motorbikes. The Fog Lamp (110mm), which has a simple installation process and a sturdy design, is an affordable way to increase driving visibility and safety.