DIYOL Hydraulic oil Model no - AW68 P-1( Golden ) 26 L

Short Description:
DIYOL Hydraulics represent systems where energy and power are transferred through fluids. The fluids applied are called hydraulic fluids or hydraulic oils and are used in various types of machinery, equipment, and across industries.
Manufacturer Gandhar
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Product Specidficatioin 

* Grade - 68

* Colour - Golden 

* Composition - Anti - Wear 

* Pack Size - 26 L

* Packaging Type - Barrel 


We have the fundamental division into mineral and synthetic hydraulic oils, as with the bulk of lubricants. The first comes from petroleum, whereas the second is synthesised or artificially produced. Additionally, there are biodegradable, food-grade hydraulic oils, STOU and UTTO universal mobile hydraulic oils, aeroplane hydraulic fluids, and fire-resistant fluid-based hydraulic oils that are particularly useful in delicate conditions.

Hydraulic systems are ubiquitous and can be found in any business, as we said at the beginning. There are several types of hydraulic apparatus, tools, and parts that use hydraulics and need hydraulic oil to function.