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The Havells Drive Panel is a high-performance motor control panel that is designed to offer superior functionality and efficiency in industrial settings. This advanced panel is engineered to control and protect electric motors in a wide range of industrial applications. The panel is constructed with high-quality materials and features an advanced microprocessor-based control system. This system offers precise control of motor speed, torque, and position, making it suitable for demanding industrial applications that require high levels of accuracy and reliability. The Havells Drive Panel is also designed to offer enhanced safety features to protect both the motor and the operator. It features an overload protection system that shuts down the motor in the event of an overload or short circuit. This feature helps to prevent damage to the motor and other connected equipment and also ensures that the operator remains safe during operation.
Manufacturer SCHNEIDER
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Product Specifications

Brand Name Havells
Made up of  Stainless Steel
IP Rating IP40
Connection 5 Way
No. of Ways 6
Input phase  Three Phase
Automatic Grade Manual


The Havells Drive Panel is a motor control panel that provides precise control and protection for electric motors in industrial settings. It is designed with high-quality materials and advanced microprocessor-based technology that ensures accurate and reliable performance. Safety features include an overload protection system that shuts down the motor in case of overload or short circuit. The panel is also easy to install and use, with a user-friendly interface and controls. Its innovative design and technology make it highly energy-efficient, reducing energy consumption and operating costs. Overall, the Havells Drive Panel is an advanced and efficient choice for businesses looking to optimize their industrial motor performance.