Automatic Hand Dryers Stainless Steel Finish Hand Cost Effective _Model : HDM-304

Short Description:
Automatic electrical devices that use invisible infrared light that reflects back to detect the motion of your hands. The fan that uses a large nozzle to blow air over a hot element is powered by the motor, which recognizes this electric signal from the sensor.
Manufacturer Green Hygiene
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Product Specification

Model               : HDM-304
Material            : Metal Casing Hand Dryer (S.S Finish)
Mounting          : Wall mounted
Operation          : Touch-free infra-red
Hand Dry Time  : 8-10 Sec
Auto cut off       : 30 sec
Motor                 : Brush motor
Voltage               : 240 V/60Hz
Size                     : W265 x D125 x H205mm
Air Speed            : 18 m/s
Warranty             : 1 Year


A hand dryer is an electric device that uses an air blower and heating element to help dry the hands after washing them. It is frequently utilised as a less expensive option to paper towels in public restrooms and workplaces.