48'',1200mm sweep, copper windind,400RPM,Aluminium Top ( Magic)_CF01

Short Description:
A ceiling fan is a fan that is positioned on the ceiling of a room or area and is typically powered by electricity. It circulates air using rotating blades that are mounted on a hub. They effectively cool individuals by accelerating airflow.
Manufacturer WELLMOUNT
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If less noise, class and comfort is your demand, these award winning fans are an answer. These 5-Star fans are designed with attractive sweep sizes, designs and technology. Energy conservation award by their side, these fans suit all parameters of style, performance and energy efficiency.

  • Sweep(mm) : 1200/900
  • Air Delivery : 230/165 cmm
  • R.P.M : 400
  • Power motor for high delivery
  • Power coating for long life
  • Fully copper motor for durability
  • Model No CF01


    Because they circulate the air in a space to efficiently produce a draught throughout the room, ceiling fans are regarded as the most effective of these types of fans. All year long, ceiling fans can help increase comfort. The ceiling fan should be turned anticlockwise in the summer.